Food Quality Catering Services

Chef and ButlerOur commitment to quality is unparalleled in the industry. In house quality control teams ensure that our Chefs use the finest ingredients and raw material procured from around the world.

The quality of all our preparations is maintained by using traditional cooking methods and consistency in recipes using authentic ingredients.

The training teams provide regular input to our operational staff to ensure our best practices are followed in letter and spirit.

Renowned for its presentation, taste and quality of food our Chefs regularly visit different countries under exchange programs to develop newer cooking formats and cuisines for our guests. These exchange programs ensure that teams are well versed with the latest trends in food presentation

We ensure delivery of quality through a dedicated and company owned transport fleet of refrigerated and air conditioned vehicles for carrying of food, equipment and staff.

All food and raw material is transported from its base kitchen maintaining correct temperatures to ensure food safety at every stage of transportation.